» Crying in the Chapel


Darrell Glenn was born on 7 December, 1935. Darrell's father, Artie Glenn wrote "Crying In The Chapel" and Darrell recorded it on the Valley Records label with Artie's group, the Rhythm Riders. Elvis's version was recorded in 1960 during the His Hand In Mine sessions, but was not released until 1965, when it reached the number one spot in several national charts, including the UK. Why the delay? Well, the publishing rights of Crying In The Chapel were held by Artie Glenn, who refused to share the rights with Hill & Range. Release was therefore held back until Hill & Range were able to acquire full rights to the number. Later, Darrell Glenn would write "Indescribably Blue," which Elvis recorded in 1966. Darrel Glenn died on 9 April, 1990.

Credit for information to David Neale