» Singing in the Rain


"Singing in the Rain" was first performed by Doris Eaton Travis in the 1929 revueThe Hollywood Music Box Revue.The song became a hit and was recorded by a number of artists, notably Cliff Edwards, who also performed the number with the Brox Sisters in the early MGM musicalThe Hollywood Revue of 1929. It was also performed by Annette Hanshaw in her album Volume 6. It was also performed on film by Jimmy Durante (in 1932'sSpeak Easily) and Judy Garland (in 1940'sLittle Nellie Kelly). An instrumental version was used as background music at the beginning of MGM's 1930 "The Divorcee" starring Norma Shearer.

  • The song is probably best known today as the centerpiece of the musical filmSingin' in the Rain(1952), in which Gene Kelly memorably danced to the song while splashing through puddles during a rainstorm. The song is also performed during the opening credits of the film.