This is a live version of Mark Shelton from his performance at the 2006 Godstock Christian Music Festival held in Vermont.

Thomas A. Dorsey became known as "the father of gospel music," after having written more than 400 gospels. However, he had a much more secular start in the music business (for example, he recorded "Tight Like That" with Tampa Red in 1928!). Some sources credit him with inventing the term "gospel music." Dorsey wrote this number in 1937, basing it on the earlier spiritual, "We Shall Walk Through The Valley In Peace," with Mahalia Jackson in mind. However, Jackson did not record the number and, indeed, it remained unrecorded until 1947 when the Flying Clouds Of Detroit picked it up. Tiny Powell's Paramount Singers recorded it in 1949, but it was not until 1951 and Red Foley's million-selling version that the song became widely popular. Elvis also recorded Dorsey's "Take My Hand, Precious Lord." Elvis's version of "Peace In The Valley," however, owes more to Red Foley's 1951 version. Elvis included this number in his performance on the third Ed Sullivan show in which he starred, in January 1957.

Information credited to David Neale