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Jose Maria and the Clinch Fado Boys from Virginia

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Jose Maria and the Clinch Fado Boys Blog
"Any Day Now" reviewed by Paul D. for RadioIndy
POSTED BY: samid1471 POSTED ON: 22 May 2007 08:55 AM
 "Any Day Now" is an enjoyable trip through the world of Portuguese "fado" music, presented by Jose Maria and the Clinch Fado Boys. From the opening acoustic strains of "Maria Faia," there is a distinctly live, energetic feel to the whole disc. Maria sings in Portuguese for most of the album. One of our favorite tracks, "She Never Cries," is an uptempo number punctuated by bluesy electric guitar licks and accordian swells. The album closer, "Isto e o Fim," really captures the album's live-band feel, complete with studio chatter, and you feel as if you are truly there with the musicians, tapping your foot along. All in all, "Any Day Now" is a fun, engaging project, anyone looking for a great introduction to fado music, the "Portuguese blues," should buy a copy of this CD!-Paul D. for RadioIndy
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The making of this album
POSTED BY: josemaria POSTED ON: 15 May 2007 03:31 PM
The music on this album is a crowning achievement of a very good year. It has been a year of fried octopus, exotic cheeses, marriage, travel, glasses of wine, late night jam sessions and hair-raising adventures swapped across the dinner table. Somewhere in the middle we managed to get some work done and these songs are the result: twelve Jose Maria originals that encapsulate his twenty-six year stay in Virginia, brought to fruition by a backup band of loyal friends only too willing to lend their talents (and their stomachs) to the enviable task of bringing Jose's vision of the world to light. His is a vision of generosity of spirit, joy of life, above all community, and many years from now, when I listen back to this album I will be reminded of two things: not only were these the best of times, but the best of times were still to come. Any day now is today. Thomas Gunn, February 2007

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