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Wabi Sabi from Georgia

Artist History

Wabi Sabi makes a different type of pop music. Like a pair of faded blue jeans that feels better every time you put it on, Wabi Sabi will soon become the favorite thing for your ears to wear. Elements of soul, blues, and pop are seductively infused with innovative, yet seemingly familiar melodies that will have you singing along the very first time you hear them. Simply put, Wabi Sabi makes music that is difficult to describe, but easy to listen to.

Wabi Sabi Blog
Review of "Play Well With Others" by Xavier P. for RadioIndy!
POSTED BY: xavierpersad POSTED ON: 01 Aug 2007 03:39 PM
“Plays Well With Others” by the sensationally talented Wabi Sabi is a groovy, irresistible collection of pop/rock tunes! Opening with the jazz groove sounds of “The Power,” this CD immediately grabs listeners by the ears and hangs on until the very end! Musically, “Play Well With Others” outshines most – its unbelievable piano openings, rhythmic grooves, and electrifying electric guitar solos places this CD in the big league. Perhaps even more endearing is the strategic use and placement of brass instruments, namely the trumpet. “Time is Running Out” takes a delightful departure to a harder, faster-paced rock sound, displaying a wide-range of diversity. Lyrically, Wabi Sabi tackles the themes of life and love with literary precision, using occasional biblical analogies (“The Power” and “Apples”). Moreover, stunning vocals and crisp production puts this CD on the shelf next to the big names! If you like the sounds of Maroon 5, you will absolutely love this CD!
-Xavier P. for RadioIndy
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