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Krooked from California Los Angeles

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Krooked Manifesto aims to rename the acclaimed Hip Hop crown, with refreshing lyrics, beats that bang and entering phases of music like a book, in chapters, check it out.
Krooked Blog
Review of "Krooked Manifesto" by Josh B. and RadioIndy!
POSTED BY: xavierpersad POSTED ON: 03 Aug 2007 08:58 AM
On "Krooked Manifesto," Krooked brings some banging tracks to the ears of hardcore rap fans. This album is loaded with smooth, tight bi-lingual lyrics. The beats and creative backing tracks on this album accentuate the lyrical skill. The strong songwriting features excellent, memorable choruses, such as the hook-filled chorus of Roaches Song. On the track "Los Angeles Anthem," Krooked brings a hard hitting territorial rap about his home town, effectively backed by hot female vocals. If you like Cypress Hill then you will love Krooked. Get your copy today!

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