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Kelly Allyn from Tennessee Nashville

Artist History

I was raised in Wyoming surrounded by family who never missed a chance to nurture and encourage my ambitions. Growing up, choir class was my favorite and it taught me that I needed a creative outlet. When High School graduation rolled around, I didn’t question what the next step in my life would be. I was taught that with a good education success would come out of a respectable job. So I went off to college and pursued a degree, even though I wasn’t quite sure where I fit into the world. But I stayed true to my creative side and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design. Eventually, I moved to the East Coast certain that the big city was the life for me, but shortly thereafter my husband joined the United States Navy and my aspirations took a backseat to his duty orders. I learned to make do wherever we landed and stayed flexible to suit the priority of his career. Inevitably he was deployed to the Arabian Gulf and I was left alone to reflect. I realized that I had never really taken the time to get to know myself. I was happily married, had a great job, and yet something about me was still incomplete. But I knew that if I were going to survive the next 6 months, it was my passion in life that would pull me through. And I began to sing again. Over the next year, I worked on a demo album that I hoped would get recognition and invite me to the next level. My prayers were quickly answered upon meeting my producers. Meeting them kicked off the greatest adventure of my life and for the first time I believe that I have purpose to my life. We immediately began creating my debut album, recording at the famous Chelsea Studios. And now, one year later, I’m looking at the launch of my dreams. Now that my album is complete I am getting prepared for touring and promoting my music all over the country. People say “timing is everything” and “all in God’s time”, well, I thank God for giving me this time, and for fulfilling my dreams with love, lots of laughter, and awesome music.
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