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Falu from New York New York City

Artist History

Falu is quickly becoming recognized for a rare ability to seamlessly blend a signature modern inventive rock style with a formidable Indian classically-shaped vocal talent. In her early years in Bombay, singer Falu (born Falguni Shah) was trained rigorously in the Jaipur gharana musical tradition, honing her talent for up to 16 hours a day at times. She later continued studying under the legendary sarangi/vocal master Ustad Sultan Khan - a mentorship that continues to drive and inspire her to this day. While pursuing a degree in North Indian classical vocal music she won gold medals in three national-level competitions centered around rising young classical talent. Falu later moved to the States, and met up with the Boston-based Indo-American band Karyshma. With them she began developing a songwriting style and soundscape combining rock and Indian classical music. In 2001, she met up with Asian Massive leader Karsh Kale, and hit the nationwide university, club and festival circuits. After fulfilling a 2-year Indian music visiting lectureship at Tufts University in Boston, Falu moved to New York where she formed her own band of the same name. They began performing at music venues throughout New York, quickly garnering the attention of fans across the city. In 2004 Falu was invited to perform as a soloist with Yo-Yo Ma's Silk Road Project. In 2005 she was asked to serve as one of Carnegie Hall's Musical Ambassadors to New York City – a position she continues to cherish with great enthusiasm. In May of 2006 she became the youngest South Asian vocalist to deliver a solo performance at Carnegie Hall (Zankel). In 2006 she joined the Born Into Brothels Ensemble (from the 2004 Academy-Award winning film) and in early 2007 she collaborated with Wyclef Jean, lending her distinctive vocal style to the score of Angelina Jolie's directorial debut A Place in Time. In August 2007, Falu released her self-titled debut CD a sold-out crowd at the Canal Room, NYC. Soon afterward, her genre-defining hybrid "Indie Hindi" musical style quickly made its mark in numerous blogs and publications including the Wall Street Journal. Falu's band includes musicians who draw elegantly from Indian classical, alternative rock, contemporary pop, and electronic styles to create a tight mix of East and West, of ancient and modern. The band members are Gaurav Shah (vocals / harmonium), Mark Tewarson (guitars), Borahm Lee (keys), Justin Wallace (bass), and Ramsey Jones (drums).

Falu Blog
Review of Falu's Self-Titled Debut by Xavier P. and RadioIndy.com!
POSTED BY: xavierpersad POSTED ON: 11 Dec 2007 01:11 PM
Falu’s self-titled debut is quite the audio treat. Producing a signature sound that fuses traditional Indian lyrics and melodies with contemporary American pop and rock musical styles, Falu has ventured into a new self-discovered territory. All aspects of this CD are solid - creativity, recording quality, musicianship, and songwriting. Falu's smooth, Jewel-esque tone is simply mesmerizing throughout this CD. Another appealing aspect of this debut is its well-crafted lyrics about love and spiritual matters. The opening track, “Without You,” is a great upbeat and energetic kick-off to the rest of the CD. Its serene and soft melody provides an opportunity for Falu’s amazing vocals to take the center stage. Moreover, “In the Rain” is a beautiful ballad that opens with traditional Hindi lyrics. Flaunting professional production, Falu’s self-titled release is not only ready for mass exposure, but rightfully deserves it.
-Xavier P. and RadioIndy.com
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