Dolly Rappaport
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Dolly Rappaport's artistry and
musicianship have attracted fans from
around the globe.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area,
Dolly released her first  album, "Here to
There"[1999], earning critical acclaim,
numerous awards, and was the impetus
and inspiration for her two subsequent
albums.   Go to and search "Dolly Rappaport" to hear and download more music.
With a rare combination of an
unforgettable voice, world-class
saxophone, and masterful piano
highlighting her live performance, Dolly's
original songs glide easily  across several
genres including pop, rock, and jazz.

As a result of her unique blend of
storytelling and spiritual harmony,  Dolly
has been blessed as well with a steady
and loyal fan base, industry support, and
a fantastic community of musicians,
producers, and  engineers.

Joined by co-writer Mitch Rappaport,
Dolly's catalogue [M&D Media/ ASCAP]
has evolved to over 200 songs. Her     
2007 calendar of events will include gigs
throughout the States, plus a brand new
album release, scheduled for the late


"I  just  caught  Dolly's live show.  She  is fantastic. . .
full of charisma, and  very  vivacious.  I  love the
songs. . .great band. . . great   entertainers."
                                      --- Russ Regan
(former President of Motown Records, signed Elton    
John, Olivia Newton-John, Neil Diamond and Barry         
White,  responsible for over 1  BILLION records sold)


“Dolly’s songs have the power to 'reel' an audience in from the intro
and keep them there 'till the last note. As a performer, you can't do
any better than that (have total attention at command). .”                   
--- Mike M. - Bluestew

“Why this woman isn't No.1 in the billboard chart on a regular basis
we've no idea. Pull your finger out Sony, there's money to be made
                                                     --- The New Underground

“If you describe a person using a rough frame like this one, they’ll
quickly appear very hard, cold and impersonal.  But the songs Dolly
Rappaport writes and sings are the complete opposite. If you listen
to the tracks of this artist, you immediately think of attributes like
tender, soft, mild and lovely, almost retentively beautiful…”  
                                  --- Women of Besonic Feature