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The Ummanotty Project from Missouri St. Louis

Artist History

The Ummanotty's Project was born in 2006 with a first contribution between "Umman" (now called G.R.C.) & "Notty-D" with the song "Heaven & Hell". After a few month we decided to create a project: Blind Lions, in hope to "healing" souls, and give an attention to all person who live on our sicked planet earth. Peace be with u, G.R.C. & Notty-D

Donnie Williams [Notty-D]- writer and singer and remixes

Grégory Rachid Chamekh [G.R.C.] - instrumental

The Ummanotty Project Blog
"Blind Lions" Reviewed by RadioIndy.com!
POSTED BY: EricLawrence POSTED ON: 08 Feb 2008 02:44 AM
Dedicated to a lost loved one, “Blind Lions” by The Ummanotty Project sets out to impart healing through poetry and reggae. Engaging listeners with hypnotic sounds and trance-inducing vocal effects, The Ummanotty Project proves very successful in grabbing and maintaining attention. The title-track begins with a powerful retelling of an inspirational Biblical passage and smoothly morphs into a very memorable melodic chorus. “Sooner or Later” also stands out with its catchy musical lead and unique electronic elements. Overall, this CD represents a sound effort, and will surely enlighten listeners with its messages of hope and perseverance.
-Xavier and the RadioIndy Team
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