» The Real Me

I was simply passing by 
And ran into this guy I used to know from school.
When I asked him how he’d been, 
I found out there and then he turned out such a tool.
Listened to achievements, 
‘Til this blonde girl passed and turned my head.
When the dreaded question came, 
I looked him in the eye and said:

I’m just trying to find myself, 
To know who I’m s’posed to be,
Not conform to someone else, 
But to find the real me.

Blind, focusing behind, 
Desperate to find a purpose and a plan
To win, I think it’d be a sin 
For me to just give in and sell out to the man.
A chorus of voices echoing advice they freely give,
To work, to play, to dress, the way 
I breathe my air, and how to live.

Repeat Chorus

But to find the real me, Yeah, to find me!
© 2006 Adriane Blanco Music (ASCAP). 
All rights Reserved.