» Break Me

I just can’t understand myself; 
I am a helpless victim of my own demise.
I really want to do what’s right; 
Instead I do the very thing that I despise.
Is someone coming after me 
So I can be free, so I can be free?

Break me, melt me; help me to be a simple man. 
Take me, form me to your perfect plan.
Light a new flame that’s obvious to see.
Forever fire, burning in me, burning in me.

Everybody’s got a past, 
Mine is one I simply cannot seem to shake.
I give advice I can’t receive, 
I fear one day I will be found out a fake.
Like an actor turns into a different person 
I want to change, I want to change.

Repeat Chorus
© 2005 Adriane Blanco Music (ASCAP). 
CCLI Song #4518112. All rights Reserved.