» Take Me Away

He waved to his mommy and daddy goodbye, 
Looking onto their faces and started to cry.
As they drove away he began wondering when, 
He would ever see Mommy and Daddy again.

Spotted in bruises from head to his toes, 
And where they all came from, well, nobody knows,
But the One who was watching, 
The One who would care,
This boy believes God answered his prayer.

God, can You show me if You’re really there, 
Do You ever listen, do You even care
To know what it’s like to be beaten and bruised, 
To live with the pain of a child abused?
Wipe away tears that stream down my face,
Take me away, take me away! 
Take me away, take me away!

A girl lies awake in her bed late at night, 
To the sound of the voices that build in the fight,
As the sound of the footsteps approach ever near, 
She buries her head as she cries out in fear:

Repeat Chorus

She opened her eyes and was out of that place 
And caught in a moment of eternity’s grace,
Where there’s no more crying, there’s no more fear, 
There’s no more pain, ‘cause her Father is near!

God, I can see You, I know You are there, 
How closely You listen, how deeply You care!
He knows what it’s like to be beaten and bruised, 
He did nothing wrong, but died for me and you.
To wipe away sin that weighs down on our face, 
And take us away to His heavenly place.

Take me away! 
(Beaten and beaten and broken heart.) 
Take me away! 
(Crying and crying and broken heart.) 
© 2005 Adriane Blanco Music (ASCAP). 
All rights Reserved.