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Felicia Farley from New Jersey

Artist History

Felicia Farley aka Tiki Jones became established in '97 and was introduced to the dance music community in the year of 1998. She entered the music industry to sing RNB and/or gospel but dance music was the only available route to her. She started out doing karaoke where she met with some local producers, and from that union led her to her first hit; "Love Gets Goin' on (Gossip Records) which made #4 on the Billboard Breakout Chart in the fall of '98. Following her hit single by lending her soaring vocals the remake of Prince’s "1999" this reached #1 on the Billboard Maxi-Singles Sales Chart in the fall of '99. She then began to follow her heart and wrote and sang her pulsating inspirational singles "Power of Love", and "Ain't Got Time" which made around #20 on the UK Hype Chart in the summer of 2000. "Electrified" on (Authority Records) her most recent dance single charted around #40 on Billboard's Dance Chart for about six weeks in the fall of 2000. Tiki’s last dance track On (SFP Records) "Let your Feelings Show" was released in the spring of 2001.
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