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Lawless Breed from Australia

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Sick of pseudo rock? There is a cure! From May 8th get down to the Lawless Breed concerts in Qld, Vic and NSW to ward off the mediocre mumps with a hefty dose of black label rock n roll muscle – doctor’s orders!

Riotous performance by powerhouse vocalist Steve Mulry backed by the insatiable Rhythm section of George Muscat on Drums and Laurie 'LOZ' Marlow on Bass the band is fired up on each side by the guitars of John Ford and Ross Flynn duelling in the engine room.

When one of HEAVENS founding member's Marlow brought his former band mate Ross into picture with Steve and George and they were joined by John, everything just jelled. The bands mojo picked up and with it a new found charisma within their music and song writing.

The band blend high energy performance with master musicianship creating a powerful yet smooth sound and they deliver slick shows that has lead to a large and growing fan base throughout Australia with plenty of interest coming from Europe and the USA with many of their U tube tracks have gained thousands of hits world wide.

Members of Lawless Breed boast the experience of opening performances and tours with Kiss, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Motley Crew, Motorhead, Black Sabbeth, Rose Tattoo, The Angels (Angel City), The Radiators, Diesel, Swanee & The Screaming Jets in their previous respective bands Black Label and Heaven and are excited with the new band and the direction in which the songs are currently moving.

With enough tracks to sleeve a couple of albums and the signing of a new management team, 2008 holds exciting times ahead for the band and the benefactors will be lovers of traditional hardcore rock.

Bring It On!

Lawless Breed Blog
"Addicted" Reviewed by RadioIndy.com!
POSTED BY: momof5pacs POSTED ON: 16 Jun 2008 10:10 AM
“Addicted” by the memorable Lawless Breed is a rock n’ roll album that is undoubtedly over-flowing with power and authenticity. Grinding electric guitars form unforgettable riffs, topped by vocal performances that are powerful, to say the least. “Big Talker” reflects this band’s very big-sound, tight performances, edgy vocals, and straight-forward lyrics. Moreover, “Don’t Come Looking” shines in the area of catchy electric riffs and solos. There is no disputing that one listen to these tunes will have rock fans begging for a live show. This band delivers on every track, displaying musical integrity and originality along with a tight, polished, and energized sound. Flaunting production that is creative and on-point, “Addicted” is a release that will have any hard rock fan begging for more from this talented band.
-Xavier P.
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