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Kendell Linh Healy from South Carolina

Artist History

Revisit a time and place when passion and romance existed in the hearts and souls of all. The New World gives birth to An Old World. Kendell Linh Healy Presents:

 "A Lesson On Romance"

A Lesson On Romance has in all reality existed in my mind for as long as I can remember. I have always been infatuated with the thought of Romance. So the next obvious step for me was to write it down in the only language that is capable of translating the idea, the thought, the fantasy, and the world of Romance. Needless to say it was an obvious step but it proved itself to be a tedious one indeed.

A Burning Bridge To Pass:

Early on in the year of 2007 the smaller joints within my feet and hands started to give me a good amount of discomfort. I shrugged it off with the notion that it would eventually go away. Time passed, and as it did my symptoms strengthened. Soon after a various number of scheduled appointments with my family Dr. I was referred to a Rheumatologist. My diagnosis was Rheumatoid Arthritis, commonly known as R.A. Devastating news to say the least - after all - I am a composer / pianist. However disconcerting that diagnosis was, it set me on a path full of passion and creativity. I had to prove to myself that I was mature enough to be a competent composer. I had to prove to myself that I Kendell Linh Healy was not going to allow a disease to burn a bridge that I had to pass. Through this process I grew, I matured and most importantly I began to have conversations through music with God.

A Lesson On Romance Is Born:

I feel peaceful now that these works are in their completion. The process was challenging. During my flare ups I would compose and in times of release I would record my compositions. During my writings I was in complete solitude and away from the world. My Neverland so to speak. My time with God, listening, writing down what was dictated to me through the voices within my heart, my mind and soul. I feel honored and blessed that I am competent enough to provide my name as the composer of these works.
Kendell Linh Healy Blog
"A Lesson on Romance" Reviewed by RadioIndy.com!
POSTED BY: momof5pacs POSTED ON: 19 Jun 2008 07:46 PM
“A Lesson On Romance” by Kendell Linh Healy is a pleasantly soothing collection of classical compositions. Demonstrating a remarkable presentation of sensitive and poignant piano, Kendell offers listeners tunes that will soothe, relax, and raise an atmosphere of love and passion. Listening to “A Secret Courtyard,” one can almost visualize a secluded space where the rest of humanity cannot enter - a space that is secret and somehow sacred. "Ballo Con Me" stands out as extremely free-flowing and graceful, while "When Beauty Has Her Way" flaunts a very mysterious, yet heavenly mood. Tearing at the heart-strings, “Life Inside A Broken Heart” conveys such a tender, wrenching feeling of heart break, one could almost count the tears. The wonderful use of strings adds vibrancy to this lovely piece. If you love the piano and enjoy beautifully crafted, classical-influence compositions, this will fill your heart and give you the sense of intimacy that is often lacking in music today.
-Lea and the RadioIndy Reviewer Team
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