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Michael Searching Bear from Ohio

Artist History

Michael Searching Bear, NAMA (Native American Music Awards) nominated artist, is an accomplished musician whose love for music and search for his Native heritage led him to the Native American wood flute.
Michael is a flute player with a “traditional” or “old” style sound. His flute playing incorporates many techniques that are unique to the traditional Native style. Barks, chirps, trills and other techniques which often mimic sounds heard in nature are not uncommon and weave their way through the melodies. ”I’ve always played the flute this way”, Michael states. “It’s as if it has been inside of me all my life. This is how I have always heard the flute in my mind. I have a vague memory of certain sounds from my childhood. One of those was the flute. I searched for many years to find the instrument that was the sound I heard in my head, in my memories. Then one day I happened to be doing a search on the Internet, of all places, and came across a sound clip. I knew instantly that this was the sound I was looking for and so began my journey to find this instrument. It was the Native American wood flute and I’ve been in love with this instrument ever since.”
With over 35 years of experience in music as a drummer and percussionist, Michael has developed his talents and perfected his gift for mastering intricate rhythms. Through private study, Michael increased his knowledge of the electric, acoustic and classical guitars, as well as music theory and ethnomusicology. With this knowledge, Michael incorporates as many different types of instruments into his recording compositions – especially Native instruments. Michael began incorporating the Native American flute music in 1996. His original compositions can be heard in his CD’s, 2006 Just Plain Folks Award winning album of the year Voice from Within (2003) and the 2006 Native American Music Awards (NAMA) nominated Un earthed (2005). Fans can also enjoy Michael’s NAMA nominated concert DVD, Michael Searching Bear Live in Concert (2007).
Of Cherokee and Powhatan descent, Michael considers himself to be a cultural traditionalist and desires to pass on the traditions of the Native American wood flute. Michael has followed his heart and now teaches about the ancient and contemporary methods of flute construction and uses of the flute in the Native ways of life. His informal classes and workshops are taught in a variety of settings and to literally all age groups; from toddler daycare centers and college level workshops; to a variety of churches, schools and community organizations. Dedicating his life to educating and teaching about his Native culture, he uses his expertise in the flute as a catalyst for this training.
Nearly a lost art, the Native American wood flute is experiencing resurgence in popularity. The haunting melodies and soothing tones have found a wide and accepting audience in today’s hectic society. Michael has been appearing in concerts to selected audiences throughout the country and brings the music of the flute to the public.
Michael’s full Bio can be viewed online at his Electronic Press Kit site (EPK) at: www.sonicbids.com/michaelsearchingbear

Michael is currently available for booking engagements for workshops, lectures, concerts and other performances. For more information about Michael Searching Bear and arranging for booking engagements, contact Michael by Email at michael@searchingbearflutes.com. Please also visit the website at www.searchingbearflutes.com or Michael’s MySpace page at www.myspace.com/michaelsearchingbear
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