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Unbreakable Foundation from New Zealand

Artist History

If an alien came down from space and made music for the purpose of relaxing people and expanding their minds, it might sound something like this.

The man behind Unbreakable Foundation, Anthony Milas, has been creating music obsessively for more than half his life. Few of his works have been published, and he has developed his skills almost entirely in private, without tuition or training. He cannot read music, performs rarely, and has a back-catalogue of 6-7 albums-worth of completed recordings.

The alien behind Anthony Milas was genetically infused with his still-growing foetus in his mothers womb 6 months into pregnancy using a non-invasive remote frequency transduction process. He has come in peace.
Unbreakable Foundation Blog
"S" Reviewed by RadioIndy.com!
POSTED BY: momof5pacs POSTED ON: 20 Jul 2008 12:48 PM
“S” is the impressive instrumental electronic debut album from Unbreakable Foundation. Each track on “S” is connected by two things: firstly, the title of each track begins with the letter S, and secondly, each track makes you feel as though you are drifting far, far away to a place much superior to the place you were prior to putting the album on. Anthony Milas, the architect of Unbreakable Foundation, has created an excellent mood-setting album geared towards relaxation, introspection, and feeling calm and meditative, with enough organic elements to make you feel as though you are sitting atop a mountain. His musical approach gives a worldly feel similar to Gotan Project, but also incorporates ambience and driving beats reminiscent of Radiohead and Boards of Canada. Though “S” was recorded in Milas’ New Zealand home studio, the sound is crisp and fulfilling. “South For The Winter” makes the listener feel as if they are a migrant bird, alternating between a fast-paced, driving beat and a slowed-down, drifting sound, flying and resting. “Somethin’ Brewin’” incorporates a number of worldly instruments and has an overall Hindi flare to it. Overall, “S” is a solid debut from Unbreakable Foundation. Anyone who enjoys relaxing electronic music should definitely check “S” out.
-Chris and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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