» Unfinished


Unfinished me

Unfinished you

Unfinished soul

Unfinished truth

Unfinished heart

Unfinished brain

Unfinished tears

They fall like rain


Unfinished eyes

Begging to see

A finished world

Finally free..of..

Unfinished me

Unfinished you

Unfinished lies

Unfinished truth

I only wish that I could find

A way to make the story unwind

Till everyone of us is kind

Enough to hold the ending in our mind

Not hurting me

Not hurting you

For being lost

Inside our truth

Unfinished touch

Unfinished kiss

Unfinished hug

Unfinished wish

I just want there to be

A day when I can see

You standing strong and free

A finished them a finished we

Make it stop for a second so I can see