» Hog Hollow


I wanna move down to Hog Hollow

And find some peace of mind

And leave the rat race and it’s sorrow

Someplace I can’t find


Cause I have had it

With my bad habits

I want a porch with a lazy dog

And if you leave town

To it’s sun down

You’ll be the princess that kissed the frog


When we move down to Hog Hollow

We’ll let ourselves unwind

There is no more time to borrow

So let’s make good this time


So if you love me

As I get older

I’ll give you rose water every night

And in the winter when it’s snowing

We’ll keep the blankets warm and tight


Let’s find a place just like Hog Hollow

And give it our best shot

But before we make our move

Let’s finish this round I’ve bought


I’m a schemer

And a dreamer

I’m the one soul I can’t find

But if you want to and you’re willing

Lets roll our past to a stop with a grind


I wanna move down to Hog Hollow

It can’t be hard to find.