» This Is My Song


I started with the notion that I would "..write something on the piano."  Out popped the piano part like I knew what I was doing, which I didn't. I sat there wondering, "What the hell IS this?" "This is the recapitulation" came the answer.  I knew what that was and it terrified me.  But, I wrote the first verse in one piece and recorded it as you hear it.  I listened to it a few times thinking, "what in the world could the chorus possibly be?" I watched my hand write, "This is my song..." and then I finished the phrase as straightforwardly as I knew how. After I recorder the chorus I almost gave up.  "This is the stupidest thing I ever heard!" was the thought in my head. "That's because you're not finished yet."  I wrote down the second verse and recorded it.  I was writing on the backs of pages I had written other things, all in longhand.  I could barely read it and in most cases was making it up as I recorded it.  I got about five verses in when Laura entered.  I played what I had for her and said, "What IS this?"  She said, "The longest song ever!"  It only took about four hours to write and record the original tracks. The next day I added the rest of the band and mixed the thing as it is here. I felt it was interesting to me but would be of zero interest to anyone else. I didn't even want to play it for anyone. Laura did, though, and lo, people liked it. I was shocked.  So here it is for you.  I think at this point it is not finished, but how the hell would I know?