» Thief of the Night



Thief of the Night

Music & Lyrics: L’illon


It ain’t that hard to see,

that I’m a woman in need.

For a tender touch of the third degree,

some soft words that will comfort me.


If this seems strange to you,

as you stand without a clue.

Lean in and I’ll whisper it to you,

I’ll reveal some of my hidden truths.

But before I do, I’ve got to ask you….you


Are you the thief of the night,

who will steal my heart and soul?

After you’ve taken what’s mine,

are you coming back for more?

If you’re the thief in my life,

take off your gloves, unmask yourself.

All that is mine, I’m keeping for myself.

Are you the thief, the thief of the night?