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I Wonder

Music & Lyrics: L’illon


Now that I’ve fallen in love,

for the third time in my life.

If I can’t have you, I’d rather die inside.

Things may come and go, but destiny is right here.

If I turn my back, I’d disappear into the air...

I wanna be your lover,

I wanna be your friend,

I wanna be the girl inside your life until the very end.



I wonder, who’s kissing you right now,

is she there for good, can I squeeze her out,

can I take her spot?

I wonder, who’s holding you at night,

does she comfort you, does she make you feel warm inside?

I could tell you right here right now,

she’ll never feel the way I do, you’d know it’s true.

You’ll just spend your whole life waiting, someday anticipating,