» His Love


His Love


He used to love her, always hugged her, when she called his name

Now she cringes when the hinges squeak on the doorframe

He used to kiss her, said he missed her, put jewels on her wrist

Now replaced with cold, blind rage, he’s quick to raise a fist



And as her teardrops fall like rain

And she just hangs her head in shame

And she can hardly stand the pain

Of his love

And as she waits up late at night

Knowing he’ll come home and start a fight

And she will feel the power and might

Of his love


She used to light up at the sight of his romantic stare

Now he’ll chide her, patronize her, greet her with a glare

She used to wonder, always pondered of the day they’d wed

Now he’ll shake her, bruise and break her, fill her heart with dread




Now she’s scheming, ways of leaving, getting back her life

The time had come to up and run, and set things back to right

She starts a fire, flames grow higher, for her great escape