» Hills Of West Virginia


Hills Of West Virginia


I’ve Been A Workin Man

Nearly All My Life

Tryin To Do The Best I Can

For My Kids And My Wife

Left My Home In The Hills Of West Virginia

Had To Make A Livin In The Mills Of Ohio




But I Miss The Hills Of West Virginia

And I Miss The Old Cabin In The Hills

But I Made A Life For My Family

But Its Hard To Be A Poor Workin Man

I Just Keep On Doin The Best  I Can


Verse 2


I Built Our Home With These Two Hands

Keepin  Food On The Table & Clothes On Our Backs

Workin In The Mill, Or Drivin A Truck

Doesn’t Really Matter  I’m Just Tryin To Make A Buck




Verse 3


We Go Back For Visit When We Can

We Walk The Hills

And By Streams In The Bottomland

I’ve Got The Family Farm,

Its Heaven Here On Earth

And When I Die, That Where They’ll Lay Me Down