Indigo (tribute to Miles Davis)

Written by: Cheryl Hodge

Indigo, he looked at me with eyes of Indigo.
With a glow - with a deep understanding of what is Real
And who you Are
And how you feel
There's just no denying...
You're gonna have it all with Indigo
Indigo, it happens everytime with Indigo
And you'll know
'Cause when he is playing
His every note will reach right thru
Down to your soul
He'll etch it in stone now,
You're gonna have it all with Indigo
Journey to the corner of his thoughts
You will see Everything
There's nothing his dark eyes won't discern - Indigo.
Indigo, you cannot run away from Indigo.
And you'll know, 
'Cause he plays to your feelings
Until you hear
And you are free from all you fear
For this is his vision
You're now under the spell of Indigo.