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Robyn Pauhl from Canada Ontario Southwest

Artist History

For the true artist, art is like the mythical siren's song - it will always call you. So when Robyn Pauhl, one of Canada's most promising young vocalists, decided to take a hiatus, there was little doubt she would return, more impassioned than ever. Robyn has indeed returned, to the delight of fans across the country. Her live performances continue to keep audiences enthralled, not only through her ability to sing but her ability interpret her songs anew and bring them to life every time.

Robyn has been seen coast to coast, appearing on everything from local cable shows to highly rated television news programs such as Canada AM. She has also been featured on the cover of the Hamilton Magazine. In 2003, she released "One For My baby", her first official album. The collection of jazz and blues songs was lauded by critics, who were impressed by the ability and confidence displayed on an entirely independent release - and a debut, to boot.

Robyn's long-awaited follow-up will arrive in 2009, but songs from the album have been released on a limited-edition EP. The new material sees Robyn turn her passions toward R&B, soul and rock. Robyn wrote and produced her latest songs with the help of New World Son, many other local musicians and engineer Justin Koop at B Town Sound in Burlington.

"The way I am making the album is by living it," says Robyn. She has been recording the songs as soon as they are written, capturing the original raw emotion and depth of each note and lyric. She is recording the soundtrack of her soul in real time.

Her new approach reflects the maturation of her talent and the sum of her varied experiences as an artist. While only in her twenties, she has already opened shows for U.S. country stars George Jones at Lulu's in Kitchener, Loretta Lynn at Copps Coliseum in Hamilton and the International Center in Toronto As well as for some eminent Canadian country acts such as Michelle Wright, Prairie Oyster, Jason McCoy, Beverly Mahood, Jim Witter, jazz artist Carol Wellsman and most recently Robyn performed in concert with world renowned jazz bassist, Dave Holland.

An enthralling performer, Robyn has a voice that has enough power and range to make it worth remarking on. Robyn sounds as if her passion could swallow the world. What lifts her performances miles above nastalgia is that she delivers her feelings with astonishing power and ebullience. One can see the emotional intensity that Robyn brings to everything she sings. There is a sincerity in her singing that pierces her audiences, spurring an immediate connection to her listeners.
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