» Sentimental About Everything


She rides a wave of innocent emotion deeper than the ocean,
And, constantly, she let’s her feelings show,
All it takes is something to remind her, then the sensitive side of her
Will come apart and tears begin to flow (woh, woh, woh).

She’s sentimental about everything,
Her tender heart, she wears upon her sleeve
She’s sentimental about every little thing,
She’s sentimental about everything,
From those sweet love songs to the movies that we’ve seen,
She’s sentimental about every little thing

Late at night, I’m lying right beside her, She puts her head on my shoulder,
We talk about the memories we share & the dreams we have together,
Sometimes she cries about the world and other people,
‘Cause she feels their joy and pain
And I realize just how much she cares, So I pull her closer


She’s sentimental about everything…
She’s so sentimental…