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Renegade Ride from Finland

Artist History

Renegade Ride is a rock group based in Helsinki, Finland. After spending a couple of years rehearsing, gigging and writing new songs, the band's debut album Dream Machine was released in April 2009. The album was recorded and mixed by Aku Rannila (e.g. Pintandwefall, Jo' Buddy) at CPON Huone studio in Orimattila, Finland and released through Dazzlebox. Dream Machine features 10 songs and is available via iTunes, CD Baby and other major online stores. Full promo kit including the Dream Machine CD is available on request.

"Renegade Ride is not easily categorized as the sound and style is a synthesis of the different musical visions of five individuals. Even though guitarist Jake Enden writes the songs, each member brings his own magic touch and the result is more than the sum of its parts," says singer Jaakko Latva-Pukkila. "The music has catchy melodies and surprises, tenderness, rage, joy, sorrow, blood, sweat and tears. In a word: Emotion!"

Renegade Ride combines heavy guitar riffs with acoustic guitars, catchy choruses and vocal harmonies to produce a unique modern rock sound. You may see a resemblance with some contemporary American rock bands, such as Foo Fighters, Incubus and Queens of the Stone Age.

The band is currently promoting their debut album and about to hit the stages after the studio break. Creativity is also flowing and new material is being written every day.
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