» A Numbers Game


A Numbers Game

Rick Parnell


Highway 17 or 41

Colt 45 vs a tommy gun

Sweet 16 turning 21

Day at the beach or a midnight run


Smoke that cigarette and roll the dice

count the money - count it twice

if  I had nickel for each bit of bad advice

Give it away to make things right 


Cause I'm without you in this numbers game

Each mile  seems more insane


snakes and ladders or a roulette wheel

old friends and lovers - no time to steal

TV channels without sex appeal

the price is right, let's make a deal


Without you in a numbers game


Rented room and a rental car

Tiny bottles in a hotel bar

Would you rather be rich or be a star

Either way it's a numbers game


(guitar solo)


Without you in a numbers game

Count the miles driving me insane


The fresh face in your mirror

The things you say when you want me nearer

Makes me ask  "what am I doing here?"

Another shot to deny my fear


Fall leaves in a swimming pool

making music with power tools

living what I never learned in school

count myself on this ship of fools


It's a numbers game

Each mile gets more inane


Stuck without you in a numbers game

Count the milest driving me insane


(guitar solo)