» Green Evolution


They say in California there’s no power.

What about all that sunshine?

On my shoulder?


It burns and burns in the solar tills,

it turns and turns in the wind mills

and in the waterfalls that flow

through us all  (2x)



Green, green, green evolution

Green, green, green solution  (2x)


We’re caught in the grip

of a collective trip

of nuclear and fossil fuel,

immaculate deception,

seems like we’ve been fooled.


But look at what they’ve

done to California,

took the money and run, can’t afford ya,

sold our power to the highest bidder

so they got their bonus just a little bit quicker.


Get off the grid take a solar shower

tell em we don’t need their power (chorus)


Fission, fusion, so confusin,

no more nuclear power please be usin’.

coal and oil are the wrong track.

let’s get rid of all the smoke stacks.

The power, the power is everywhere.

Nikola Tesla got it right out of the air,

zero point revelation, tomorrow’s celebration