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The Bleus Bros from Pennsylvania

Artist History

*Mind On Money Gives Fans the Bleus*

The Bleus Bros. consist of Detroit, Michigan born-and-bred emcees Jema and
Sport. Coming up in the streets as childhood friends, they learned at an
early age that being from the city of Detroit is as much a privilege as it
is a responsibility. After listening to their music and spending just a
short time with them, you will see that said jewel has manifested itself not
only in their lyrics, but in their entire being. The two partners-in-rhyme
have been collaborating musically since 2005. Through various street
releases and mixtapes, their music has been garnering a street buzz which
has opened up opportunities for joint efforts with reputable artists the
likes of Gillie Da Kid, Max B, and Killer Mike to name a few.

Some of their early music caught the ear of Philadelphia DJ Cosmic Kev of
Power 99, while simultaneously leaving lasting impressions in various strip
clubs and nightspots from Detroit, to Philadelphia, to Atlanta. The rest of
the story is being written literally as you read this bio. The Bros are
currently promoting their self-titled release independently through Mind On
Money Entertainment.

Their lead single, *Love Life*, is gaining new fans daily. Reminiscent of
the P. Diddy's *I Need A Girl* trilogy, *Love Life* also draws parallels to
multi-platinum selling T.I's *You Can Have Whatever You Like*. Assisted by
the production and vocal prowess of male R&B juggernaut Jagged Edge, the duo
has sure fire hit on their hands. This ode to the ladies is courtship from
the curb to the suburbs.

The overall project, hosted by DJ Cannon, boasts a diverse song list that
plays like 24 hours in the life of your favorite rapper. They waste no time
displaying "big song" capability with anthemic joints *The Bag Is In* and
On Money*. To silence hip hop critics early, true lyrical dexterity and
wordplay are displayed on street bangers *D Boy* and *Actin Hard*. Rounding
out the playlist are other stand out records *I Can Do It* and *Psycho*,
which between the two give credence to the rap duo's versatility as both
songwriters and performers. Add to the equation production contributions
from the likes of David Banner, Don Cannon, and Ikey Boy of Atlanta, Ga and
you have one of the most authentic, most anticipated, street-certified,
virtually unheard-of hip hop phenomenons of 2009.
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