» I Am The Salt of the Earth


Well, there is no difference,
Between me & my brother
Want the same things in life,
I’m just like the other.
I may have dark skin & eyes,
But the same blood courses inside.

Please don’t judge me be the way I look.
Hear what I say, I’m an open book.
My words tell you who I am.
I’m just a common man.
I believe thru hard work,
You’ll get your just reward.
I be---lieve,
I believe.
I be---lieve,
I believe.

This Gila River is my home.
I drink from the waters; They quench my thirst.
This red dirt is where I plant my feet.
I am the Salt of the Earth.
I am the Salt of the Earth.
I am the Salt of the Earth.

Copyright 2009 Mobetta Loretta Productions
Music: Traditional Arrangement by Loretta Chacon with Sean Johnson
Lyrics by Loretta Chacon
Produced by Mobetta Loretta Band and Kevin McKee
Additional Arrangement by Mobetta Loretta Band
Assisted by Sean Johnson