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Panayotis Terzakis from Greece
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Far Away Land- Songs from Greece (Full Article)
Far Away Land- Songs from Greece
POSTED BY: Panagiotis Terzakis POSTED ON: 14 Oct 2009 11:37 PM

Eleven Greek Folk songs with the powerful, bass vocals of Panayotis Terzakis, from his own unique and modern perspective.

All Songs Greek traditional. Newly arranged and sung by Panayotis Terzakisexcept "Yianni Mou To Mantili Sou" arr. by Constantine Caravassilis


Songs from a country with villages that literary hang from the sides of tall mountains and melodies from islands situated in a deep blue sea, with painted white houses sparkling in the bright yellow sun- Greece! a Far Away Land. These melodies, pieces of land and sea, offer and appreciation of authentic Greek music which contains a perfect balance between life and death, joy and despair, Eastern and Western civilizations. In what often called the crossroad between the East and the West, Greece has always been a land where the Arts were at the heart of peoples' lives. Balancing Dionysian spirit with the discipline of Christianity, what is offered us today in Greek music is a book of sounds and colors that travel back throughout the centuries and which is homogeneous yet so diverse at the same time. Songs of joy and celebration, tragic ballads and laments for those who left home. Despite the various conquerors of the country,music instead of being silenced was actually enriched and adopted new elements in such a way that Greek music is as unique as the land that gave birth to it... Panayotis

"Terzakis' expressive singing seemed to beckon the listeners' souls to sing as well, as he took the audience through the range of emotions experienced during the challenges of realizing one's destiny." The Hellenic Voice, USA, May 2006

 "Those who attended the "Graecia Magna" concert at the Lowell National Historical Park Visitors Center on Friday expected a pleasant evening of Greek music, sponsored by the Hellenic Culture Society. But they were jolted into an enthusiastic standing ovation by powerful performances who presented, in the words of bass baritone Panayotis Terzakis,"the extraordinary travels of Hellenic music through the centuries".Lowell Sun, April 15, 2008

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Band History


 Panayotis Terzakis counts already ten years of singing, performing, producing and participating in projects all over Greece, Europe, the US and China.

A versatile vocalist and performer, is known for his ability to perform different styles of music with the appropriate approach and style-he has established a genuine sound in various genres as an interpreter who respects the roots of each song and who transubstantiates his life experience into music. Besides the classical and post-modern repertoire he mainly sings international tunes such as jazz standards, chansons, folk & world music ,gospel and spirituals and of course greek music repertoire.

He has performed in Greek, English, Italian, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Czech, Hebrew and Japanese in Europe, US and China with much success in theatrical and musical productions with an emphasis in his solo alternative projects.He has appeared in venues such as Zero Arrow of the American Repertory Theater, Jarvis Theater of Napa (CA), The Pickman Hall, T. Eliot Library (Harvard University), M.I.T Chapel, King's Chapel, The Hellenic Cultural Center of Watertown, The Center For The Arts in Natick, Amazing Things Firehouse of Birmingham, St. Paul Boston's Cathedral, Lowell University, Lowell's Historic National Park, Red Hall Theater (Shanghai), Onassis Cultural Center of Athens,Vouleftiko (Nafplion, Greece), Herakleidon Museum-Experience in Visual Arts, Eilissos Pocket Theater, Cafe Alavastron and elsewhere.

His first album "Far Away Land- songs from Greece" (PT9969- September 01, 2009) was a result of these appearances. The album includes Greek Folk songs in a modern, new age approach and got critical acclaim both in the US and Europe and reached the World Music Top-100 of CdBaby charts based on sales from all over the world.

His 2012 digital EP "Free" is an avant-Americana fusion album that combines folk, progressive rock, rhythm and blues and country elements proudly presented by Panayotis and a small group of select musicians. It includes hiw very first published composition "Free" along with three covers of songs by S.Cooke,J.Denver,T.Reznor.

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