» So Long


The nightingale sang her song

Into the night as you and I, we rode along.

And the moon shone up above

On the wings of a lonesome dove.


Well, it feels like we've been on this trail so long

And I never thought we'd ever part but I was wrong.

Can't believe that you're 'leavin, yes and it's my heart that's 'a-grievin,


So long, so long, so long.


Well, I hope that you have no regrets

And as for me, there are so many things I'll never forget.

Like the time that you played your guitar

At the Carolina fair beneath the stars.


Well, you always were a faithful friend, it's true.

And so many things, I owe them all to you.

You were right there beside me always with a kind word to guide me,


So long, so long, so long.


And when you're gone, I'll be forced to remember

All the times that you've stolen my heart.

I knew 'nothin in this life could last forever

Down the stream, down the stream, the rose petals go.


Now we've come to the fork in the road.

Yes and I reckon that you'll be 'headin straight for the coast.

Don't look back, no, don't even try.

Must be 'rainin, can't be teardrops in my eyes.


Maybe someday when your restless heart is free

And something makes you stop and think of me

Well, you can't say we won every battle but we still rode high in the saddle,


So long, so long, so long.