» Building

Shame runs screaming out the door
how fortunate for us that we don't have it anymore
have to get into our new shoes
it doesn't matter what we lose

(slice and dice, mash and grind, push and shove)
...we might not be your kind
but you're more like us than the one you love

Self has lost it's way again
the satisfaction helps us to forget we've given in
but the craving is never quinched
the clock shows time but the plays are benched

(old or new, give or take, live or dead)
...a choice you cannot shake

Building the wall distorts us
learning the pressure of the chains
filling the pit, knowing the whole is bound to suffer
suffocating the remains...

(sink or swim, shake or bake, hide or seek)
...a love you cannot fake
at the end of the world we will see who's meek...

Building the wall distorts us
forming the pressure of the stone
Breaking the lines, crushing a spirit bound to suffer
what the heart must now disown...

Building the wall distorts us
finding the pleasure of the chains
feeding the id, knowing the soul is bound to suffer
sacrificing the remains...