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krystalcube from Japan

Artist History

"Opening" is an album recommended to those who are looking for sounds and insights that are new and different, yet for some reason feels familiar. Album's concept is to energize and "renew the self", becoming more aware to "open up" to create a more accomodating world, with an underlying theme of love throughout. The album contains rhythmical, upbeat songs and a mellow ballad song along with a cute bonus track, Banana Bread. One song is even in Japanese! Songs in this album wish to address a basic view to life, "what's most important for me/us now?", following the aftermath of the financial crisis.

For many, listening to krystalcube's crystal voice and uplifting music opens up the heart and touches the soul. It is both soothing and healing. Once heard, many find her voice lasting. Her music style is evolving relentlessly pursuing a concept of "how can I be of service?" based on her and her musician associates' passion for music.

krystalcube is bilingual in English and Japanese, writes lyrics, composes music and performs. For more info, please visit: http://krystalcube.blogsite.com and http://ameblo.jp/krystalq (Japanese).

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POSTED BY: momof5pacs POSTED ON: 30 Nov 2009 08:28 PM

Female Japanese pop singer krystalcube's debut CD, "Opening," is a very positive and energized pop album. The vocals are fluttery and calming, and completely satisfying. A mix of J-pop, 80's influences and R&B really makes this a fun album with more than a few surprises. She even includes a Japanese version of "unconditional Love," plus Instrumental versions of each track. If you could only get one track from this album, I suggest the title track, "Opening." If you're looking for some cute, poppy music from Japan, then kyrstalcube's CD "Opening" is a great place to start.

-Matt M. and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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krystalcube : Opening

 krystalcube: Opening
Uplifting and soothing pops by a female solo with flavors of R&B, rock and a dash of 80's for energy healing effects. Genre: Pop: Ambient Pop Release Date: 2009

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