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Jeremy Moyer from Canada

Artist History

Jeremy Moyer, Musician in Residence, Shanghai-Zhujiajiao World Music Centre (China)
Canadian erhu player, multi-instrumentalist and composer

Crossing the thresholds of two very different musical cultures, Jeremy Moyer is a Shanghai based composer and multi-instrumentalist who has studied traditional folk music from the Cantonese and Taiwanese traditions with Zhang Shi-dong in Taiwan and with Yeung-Yee Lee in New York City and studied Erhu with Zhou Derong and Zhou Hao in Shanghai. His first CD ‘A Discovery of Chinese Folk Tunes’ features rarely heard traditional folk songs from Taiwan and the south of China played on Coconut Shell Fiddle, Pipa Lute, and a variety of percussion instruments. Music from the CD was included in the 2004 documentary film, ‘Naruwan, Welcome to Taiwan’ broadcast on PBS.

Moyer also composes contemporary music and regularly collaborates with other artists. In 2003, he was awarded a research and creation grant from the Quebec Arts Council (Canada). In 2005, the CD, ‘George, from Athens to Beijing’, co-produced by Moyer, was nominated for Best World Music at the Canadian Folk Music Awards and Moyer’s original songs and erhu improvisations were featured in the award-winning W5/CTV/ BBC international television documentary ‘Chairman George’. In 2007, Jeremy Moyer’s ‘Special Song’, co-written by Na Lei, was selected as one of three official theme songs for the Summer Special Olympics in Shanghai.

‘MANGOES, Musical Shorts Volume 1’, Moyer’s latest cd, is an eclectic collection of short, original, instrumental pieces showcasing his aptitude and spirit as a composer and performer in a wide range of folk-based and contemporary styles ranging from meditative gong music and erhu smooth jazz to groovy hand drumming and raw folk fiddling. The album was recorded in Moyer’s attic studio in a 100-year-old courtyard house in the village of Zhujiajiao, near Shanghai and it was mixed and mastered in Canada by J. Richard Hutt.

With a few exceptions, Moyer plays all the instruments on his recordings. He plays several varieties of ‘huqin’ - the Chinese two-stringed fiddle - including erhu, gaohu, yehu and kezi xuan. He also plays acoustic guitar, bass, a variety of Chinese and western percussion instruments; and occasionally he sings.

To contact Jeremy Moyer, please email: Jeremy@jeremymoyer.com

Jeremy Moyer Blog
"Mangoes, Musical Shorts, Vol. 1" Reviewed by RadioIndy.com!
POSTED BY: momof5pacs POSTED ON: 13 Jan 2010 04:27 PM

The soothing tones and inviting melodies of multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Moyer’s fine CD, "Mangoes, Musical Shorts, Vol. 1," adds up to a thoroughly enjoyable World Fusion listening experience. Making the intricate fretwork on various instruments sound effortless, Moyer’s skills are front and center, both as a musician and as a composer. The peaceful, lulling track, "Bedtime Stories," utilizes the aforementioned string instruments to their maximum potential; the melody is that of a familiar lullaby, but unique twists are added that make this rendition truly singular. "Worker's Theme Song," with its expressive percussion, adds a rhythmic element to the album, while the Brazilian feel of “El Chino Guapo” showcases yet a different side of Moyer’s musical reach. For World Music that's exciting and different, but not daunting, Jeremy Moyer’s "Mangoes, Musical Shorts, Vol. 1" is a great choice.

-Trent C. and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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New Cd Blast from RadioIndy!
POSTED BY: radioindy POSTED ON: 04 Jan 2010 04:36 PM

Jeremy Moyer : Mangoes, Musical Shorts, Vol. 1

 Jeremy Moyer: Mangoes, Musical Shorts Vol. 1
From meditative gong music and erhu smooth jazz to groovy hand drumming and raw folk fiddling, this is an eclectic collection of short, original, acoustic instrumental pieces recorded in a 100-yr-old Chinese attic. Genre: World: World Fusion Release Date: 2009

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