» I'm Back in Town


I'm back in town - I look around. The trees are bare - she isn't there. I think I'll send her a winter gown, Not one for weddings, she's on her own. This one is shining, it's soft as dawn. The shade becomes her, as her body trails on. I'm back in town - I walk around. A voice is whispering - "She's gone, she's gone." It's Monday morning - I must face the crowds. Then I think I see her on the subway platform. She blows me kisses, I'm not alone. "Death is forever - Life's but a flame." Then the door closes on the Number One Train. And I remember, I'm back in town - When darkness comes, she's not around. And I remember that I was with her, I've got a song that I can sing her. And I remember that I was with her - As I travel on - as I travel on.