» A Song of Wind and Sky (空と風のうた –)


It’s April of 2008, a time when the plants are getting greener and the breeze and sunshine makes you feel really good. Beside my porch, there is a wide canyon, sloping downwards. It used be a rice field – now it’s a field of silver grass. Right in the center a small creek flows, with trees growing beside it. When I listen carefully, I can hear the sound of water flowing. When it’s foggy in the morning, it is just like sea of clouds. “Can this be Ozahara? I murmur in a low voice. “Is this really Yachimata? The town famous for peanuts and sandstorms in spring?” To reach the front of my house, there is a dirt road that you must walk. It makes me feel like it is an entrance to a different dimension. Even the huge peanut fields make me ask myself “Am I in Hokkaido?” It must be, because I, who live, there, say so. On this day, too, I was just looking at the view. Trees moved by the wind and silver grasses moved by the wind, and when the wind came through me, I had an urge to make a song. This some came to me almost at a breath.