» Here Comes My Baby


Here comes my baby                       here comes my baby

Here comes my baby                he's got alot of locamotion

He gets me with one  look   he knows how to turn up my emotion

I met him way down in the      Virgin Isles

I was just                         checkin' out the scene

I was laughin'   when he caught my eye  I went deep into a dream

My baby's stylin'... he's got allot of      Syncopation

and when he's smilin' the world is his..          no hesitation

And when he plays it cool..                 I see right through

The tenderness                          he tries    to hide

and the walls are comin' down    every time he comes around

My baby knows me he knows I've  got my own interpretation

He always keeps it real        he doesn't go for imitation

I met him way down in the Virgin Isles

I was just    checkin' out the scene

I was laughin when he caught my eye.. I went deep  into a dream

Here comes my baby      here comes my baby