» True Blue


I am poetised by your lyric I am harmonized by your dance

I am hypnotised and a million tiny stars are shinning down on me

I am a witness to the glory that I see

I am salsafied by your rhythm,I am magnatised by your stance

I 'm revitalized and a waterfall of love is showering down on me

the tide is changing            and love has set me free

You're one in a million baby     Thanks for seeing me through

this Parade of living this     Carnival of life you're      true blue

You inspire me    you light my fire   I'm in ecstacy            no lie

I am rarafied and I'm talkin' to the moon on a magic carpet ride

You're a kaleidoscope     so beautiful inside

You're so close to me you know all my secret you fill my silentneed

in touching me you have a way of moving with my soul

I'm transcended        when love is in control