» Plenty Of Magic


Don' worry babe     when you have to go

I don't want to own you                no no no

I want a conection                        but no chains on me    

because I've got                          Plenty of Magic     when I'm Free

You turn me on                           Your   mysterious  ways

You navigate                             my emotional ways

 You comprendo                           My inuendo

But don't cage me or                       I'll be    a no show


You         Rage like the Ocean   I          Whisper like the Wind

You Know    my psychic Patterns  we get lost      then we begin again

I'm High Octain                              Know my own Mind

Yeah I'm headstrong                         Sometimes I'm blind

But I'm payin' My Dues                    I'm gonna' Win not Loose

Because I've got                            Plenty of Magic inside Me

The Fog Rolls in                         The Full Moon Shines

Our Rhythms                               Intertwine

No Chains on Me                           I have got to be Free

To Keep My Own                          Magic inside Me