» Didi's Song


When I'm up in Heaven looking Down I'm gonna' Think about the Good Times

When I'm Floatin' on a Cloud Painting a Rainbow, I'll Remember this Day

And all of the Years and the Fears will Vanish into the air

When I See All the People That i love.

When I'm     Makin' My Notes of Do's and Dont's

in case I                                     come this Way Again

On the Top of My List                   I'm gonna'  Ride      With the Wind

And Even when I'm up         Against the Wall I Know that

Life Itself is gonna                   Catch me when I fall

Cause' through it all ... I think About the Good Times

I Think of the Good Times   Of letting  My Light Shine

Of Painting a Rainbow   Of Bulouvard Night Time

I Think of the harbor Lights       The Fog Horns at Midnight

The Purple Mist                  Fusing into Daylight

When I   Close My Eyes   My Sifting Dreams Swirl through the Path of Time 

When It's My turn to Go                     I wanna' Fly I wanna' Flow

And Just Like Dorothy                              in the Wizard of OZ

I'm gonna' click My Heals                         and Fly Away

Cause through it all                         I think About the Good Times