» Stop Loving You


I Try to Forget You                     But I can't Let Go

Of Memories We Shared               Not  so long ago

I Know I Must Surrender            and Give Up the Fight

But How Do I      Stop stop stop                Loving You Tonight?

She Hipnotised You                 You're her New Pet

She's Only Out                       for What She can Get

How Long will It Take You              to See through her Lies?

How Many Full Moons                          will heve to Go by ?

Now You believe What You Believe        but That doesn't Make it Right

How do I stop stop stop                  loving you tonight ?

How Do I Stop    hearing your Voice    and all the tender things you Said

How do I let the Dawn  Come Up on All the Signs that I Misread

You Keep Me in your Shadow                and That Ain't Right

How Do I               S T O P                Loving You Tonight? 

You Misunderstand Me                   in so Many Ways

I wish you could Listen                  to what My Heart says

But I get No Hearing and            you're        Nowhere in Sight

How Do I Stop          Loving You Tonight?