» Understanding Heart


Rain Rain Rain  and Cloudy Days          I say goodbye     to all ways

And Ever Arter   I Hear the Laughter       of an Understanding Heart

I've Been in Prison in my Own Mind     where Happiness is Hard to Find

But I let the Sorrow Go      I let the soft Wind Blow them     All Away

Now Sorrow                        has Brought Me Compassion

and the  Eyes of My Spirit                 Lifts Me to the Light

And the Song                 of Heaven                Invites me 

To Sing                          with the Full Voice of             Life

Time Itself                Weaves a Spell                                                  

The real from the dream         is so hard to Tell

But I See a River   A Rainbow of Love      Flows on Endlessly

Now Sorrow  ( repeate Chorus)

Now the Light                     of the Midnight Sun

Comes Shining down    On Eveyrone                  As We let the Sorrow go

We let the soft winds                Blow it all away