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John Difference from Jamaica WI/New York

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Dear Fellow Musicians:

My betheren and RadioIndy artist Slinky Sharp (Jermaine Cole) died in a terrible car accident over the weekend. Slinky was the example of a young artist with tremendous talent who was on the verge of stardom. He was a positive individual and never had a bad word to say about anyone. He was positive about the opportunities that exist for independent artists and he lived for his family and for music. If you don't know about Slinky Sharp please listen to his music which is found on this site. He leaves behind a small child and wife. Continue to support the Sharp. Jah Bless.

John Difference

John Difference was born in Kingston Jamaica. He came to America as a youth and has blazed a trail on the underground dancehall/reggae scene for years. He has opened and performed with many major Reggae & Dancehall artists. John Difference is a singer, writer, poet, producer and toaster (Dj/rapper). John Difference is cultural yet unique. Download him today. Irie.

P.S. Also check out Slinky Sharp (also on this site).
John Difference Blog
POSTED BY: Difference POSTED ON: 26 Dec 2004 03:38 PM
Thanks for visiting my music site. I hope you enjoy my tracks. Jah Bless.

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