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Astra from England
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Artist History

Astra sings and performs the vocals and instruments you hear: lead and backing vocals, lead, rhythm and bass guitars, percussion and keyboards.

JOURNALISTS' REVIEWS: "Astra is a virtuoso lead guitarist."
Laurence Jackson, Journalist, London, England.

"Great songs that stay in your mind. Fascinating and moving lyrics, versatility of style."
Nicholas Pirson, D.J., Radio Panach France.

"Astra plays supremely good lead guitar. Harmonic-melodic music with irresistible rhythm – a real pleasure to listen to."
Christa Neckermann, Journalist, Bremen, Germany.

"Astra has an outstanding voice."
Ralf Sommermann, Dissen Skurril Stadtfest, Germany.

"I am very impressed by the high level of musicianship."
Gareth Leslie, Singer/Guitarist, Recording Artist.

"How could one not feel moved on hearing Astra’s bewitching solos. All put together just right with jazzy-rock ingredients and touches of folk."
Pascal Isch, L'Est Republicain. France.

"Very enjoyable; lots of rhythm, melody, harmony and elan." Peter Koetzing, Harsefeld Aktuell, Germany.

"A colourful tapestry of sound. Great music."
Wulf Gorres, owner, MacLeod’s Live Music Club & drummer with the Iain Cusick Band, Drochtersen, Germany.

"Just a few bars into the first song, and the audience in the Rössl Live Music Club could not resist moving to the rhythm."
Hauke Mormann, Journalist, Brunsbutteler Rundschau, Germany.

"The audience was bewitched. The concert promoter had concocted a mystifying potion: rock, pop, ballads, and mood music."
Gregory Engelbert, Le Republicain Lorrain, France.

MEET ASTRA ! By Laurence Jackson, MA., London & Palma. To quote from Astra's song, Funky Tink Tank, which some say is about the legendary Jamaican guru on Jungo Mountain... "John Gomerry say 'whadya know'."

Astra was born in Brighton, on the south coast of England, into a pro music family. Always on the move with their gigs, she lived first in the South of England, then the East, and then Wales, in Tyn Llechwedd, which means "the little house on the hill." There, as a kid living within sight of Mount Snowden, land of kites, eagles and beautiful valleys, Astra got her first Gibson guitar and wrote her first songs.

Currently based in France near Le Mans (famed for the 24-hour car endurance race and inspiration for the play-on-words which is the CD Album's title), Astra records the songs and instrumentals she has composed, with the song lyrics mostly written by another member of the family, the album's co-producer Kenn d'Oudney.

Playing her music with a group at over 450 live concerts, it has been enthusiastically received by audiences and journalists in France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

Drawing on this experience of playing live, Astra has recorded the songs, creating and performing all the music, the parts, singing the songs, the harmonies and vocal group backing, and playing all the various instruments herself: lead guitar, riff and rhythm electric and acoustic six and twelve-string guitars, bass, keyboards, organ, synth, and percussion. She gives you the whole group and orchestra - in this CD, Astra is the group ! Like me, you will find it's utterly inspiring !

Astra's tastes in music are wide but based deep in rock. This is reflected in the eclectic variety of styles of her songs and group-type arrangements of vocal and instrumental backing, which befit inclusion in many music categories, such as: new music, rock, pop-rock, theme and mood music instrumentals, ballads, blues-rock, ethnic and world music.

A Hamburg gig promoter calls this "rock music for the thinking person." Perhaps the most appropriate categorisation is "Astra's Music" ... In listening to Astra's music, you are taken through many moods, to different places in your imagination, and always with an accompanying emotion: tenderness, humour, alarm, anger, shock, laughter, love and tears - it's all there. You are drawn in to share her world with her. Astra is a virtuoso guitarist.

Taking her experience as a concert performer with her, Astra is in her element creating, singing, playing and producing in the recording studio. With the composer's gift expressed through instrumental expertise, she transforms abstract concepts into the entertainment we all love as the sound of songs and music. Above all, you hear Astra's great vocals which vary sensitively according to the differing moods of the songs, in combination with her lead guitar.

This is wonderful entertainment; music you want to hear over and over. Astra is never happier than when creating and playing what she calls "real, hand-made music." You and I will get years of enjoyment out of it. Laurence Jackson, MA. London & Palma.

Astra Blog
  Astra! New album! Interview on Radio Frequence Sille!
POSTED BY: kdoudney POSTED ON: 23 Jul 2014 02:50 AM

Hi, everybody. Astra has a new album available on pre-release called "There's a Jam Goin' Down..." bringing together a nice variety of styles which call on her expert musicianship and spectacular delivery. Astra is also working on an EP anthology of instrumental songs.

Astra was recently interviewed by Emmanuel Boujet of Radio Fréquence Sillé. This interview includes 3 songs from the new album... and you can hear Astra speaking French. Visit the radio's homepage and scroll down a bit for the podcast! Enjoy! http://www.frequence-sille.org


and http://www.astramusic.org

  Astra Working on New Album !
POSTED BY: kdoudney POSTED ON: 19 Mar 2011 01:21 PM

Astra is currently working on a new album of compositions. Some of these will be songs she has played in front of audiences in Europe already and some will be brand-new creations !

"I'm looking forward to hearing things progress in the studio as recording advances. There'll be lots of different styles, keyboard and guitar work, so: Watch this space !"


  "Astra" Reviewed by RadioIndy.com!
POSTED BY: disturbed3003 POSTED ON: 08 Jul 2010 02:28 PM

The extremely talented multi-instrumentalist and lead vocalist, Astra, releases her impressive self titled album, “Astra.”  This album will capture your musical palette with a collection of Rock/Pop songs that are really amazing as Astra performs all vocals and instrumentation with sharp flowing clarity. Kicking off the album, “Start The Scene,” is vibrant and energetic with strong and stylish vocals accompanied by driving guitar hooks. Check out the song, “Westside Paintwork Blues,” as the crunchy guitar riffs and driving drum beats swirl around the soulful vocals. The song, “Mines of Elara,” displays Astra’s talents on the keys as the synth sounds complement the electrifying texture of the melodic guitar. Fans of Rock/Pop music will really enjoy the excellent songs on the outstanding CD, “Astra.”

-Diane and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
Check out Astra's music on RadioIndy.com with link to purchase and links to popular sites


  New Mega Blast from RadioIndy!
POSTED BY: radioindy POSTED ON: 24 Jun 2010 03:56 PM

  Astra: Astra
Lead guitarist Astra sings, harmonizes & plays all instruments: catchy rock & pop, transporting ballads &  mood music. "Supremely good lead guitar, melodic music — irresistible rhythm — a real pleasure to hear." Christa Neckermann, Journalist, Bremen
Genre: Rock: Modern Rock Release Date: 2010

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