» Mine is the Way


Stuck here again staring at the door
Should I walk to the edge 
and step into the world that is spinning all around me
I watch as it passes me by
And tonight I will sit at my window
I’ll stare at the sky and wonder if
Some other eyes are seeing what my eyes are seeing alone

Freefalling back towards the floor
I wish my life was filled with more

Mine is the way that keeps me surrounded
Mine is the way that keeps me alone
And finally some change is underway
Mine is the way that holds me together
Mine is the way that tares me apart
And hopefully a change is underway

Caught in-between real life and my dreams
When I wake I expect to see people around me
That think for themselves
but it’s too much to handle it seems
The fears are building inside me
I stick to the plan
But lately I’m running from shadows that chase
but their makers are unknown to me

Desperate for change
Many ways to place the blame
All of this explained
Mine is the only way