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Washasha X from Virgin Islands

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WASHASHA X A Musical Legend Hailing from the island of Tortola, in the beautiful Virgin Islands also known as Nature’s Little Secrets evolves yet another musical genius and legend we know as Washasha X. Whilst the saga continues on this musical journey and the message is as clear as ever, Washasha X has chosen to share with us again words of wisdom that enlighten, inspire, uplift, and renew our weary and tired souls with his latest rendition of the album “CHOICES”. “Two roads are set before every child born into this universe. Every man and woman on creation are blessed with the power of choice", taken from the album "CHOICES". Coming from a musical family, Washasha’s musical roots run deep and can be traced back to “The Bad Ones”, a local family band owned by his uncles in the 60’s and 70’s, and further back to his great grandmother Olivia Turnbull who was said to have had the first dancehall which was called the “Sparrow Hotel” at Major Bay, Tortola, V.I. Also included in Washasha X’s family ties is the Grammy award winning international artist the late John Lucien. Fast Forward “The creator put within each of us a conscience so that we could know right from wrong,” these are some of the prudent reminders that are resounded through the musical talent of a very conscious Washasha X, a Virgin Islander Rastafarian musician. Washasha X is well known and respected in his field of professional expertise, holding the title of Chief Conservation and Fisheries Officer at the Conservation and Fisheries Department, Bertrand Lettsome, using his stage name Washasha X, is likewise known in the musical arena as a force to reckon with and one who always have a sound word of advice to offer through his many songs that he has written and released. He has graced the stage with his performances alongside the likes of International Reggae artists such as; Freddie McGregor, Luciano, Dean Frazer, Beres Hammond, Jr Gong, and the late Lucky Dube to name a few. While being a career public servant and Conservationist/Environmentalist, Washasha X still managed to release several albums and singles and even owns his own recording studio and label. He writes, produces and records his own songs which makes him a unique musician. In addition, he has also been instrumental in assisting other rising musicians in producing their music. “My first song, a reggae entitled ‘We Want Reggae Music’ which spoke of the need to have Reggae music all over the world. The following year I recorded my first album ever with The Awesome Force Band , a soca album comprising of four songs: ‘Stop it Stop it’, ‘Get conscious’, ‘Pumpin’, and ‘Freddie Jam’”. “The Music I write is by inspiration. My music is life. My music is love. My music is consciousness, My music is positiveness … with me there is no slackness at all,” affirms a confident soldier on the forefront of the musical battlefield. The first solo album was “Step out of Babylon”, the second album was “Revolution – The Change Within”, and the third album is “Choices”; all three were released this year by Turtle Dove Records, in 2010 as a trilogy, the first in Virgin Islands musical history. These three albums are conscious albums, with songs of freedom, protest, and praise. They are all about reality and an upful livity; in all our ways acknowledging the Most High God, our Creator and seeking his guidance. Standing for what is right and fighting against the wrong. Walking the talk and answering when Jah calls. Washasha X songs are done from life experiences and are very realistic. For example, the popular signature song “Long Look We Come From” is often referred to as ‘History 101’; while the song “Civilization March” was written in 2002 following the civilization march in the Virgin Islands, a march by the Rastafarian Community, that brought awareness and sought to have the then Prohibited Class of Persons Order commonly known as the “Rasta Law” removed. The law was later repealed in 2003 allowing the free movement of Rastafarians to the Virgin Islands. “Put Jah First”, “Choices” and “Revolution: The Change Within”, are deep songs with strong environmental themes and can be associated with his life as Conservationist/Environmentalist. His main message is: Put Jah First, we have to love one another, stop the war, the lust, the greed, and the violence. “I would like my music to become popular and for the entire world to be listening to the message”, affirms a convincing Washasha X. “CHOICES” is a small taste and glimpse of the future of what Washasha X and his crew at Turtle Dove Productions both have in store for us. As we continue to choose the finer things in our lives CHOICES is most definitely a good addition to our musical collection. For Performances and Interviews please Contact: Ms Pat at ms.patbvi@gmail.com or 284-499-1186 For International Bookings Contact: Kufunya of BiG SiS Ent 917-582-9140 or kufunya@aol.com

Read more: http://www.myspace.com/WashashaX#ixzz124zoQa4B
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New Mega Blast from RadioIndy!
POSTED BY: radioindy POSTED ON: 11 Oct 2010 12:00 PM

Washasha X: Choices
CHOICES is the unique and original sounds of the Virgin Islands that carries Posivite lyrics which will uplift the Human race with thought provoking , conscious messages while revealing a Universal Truth of Peace and Love linking All Humanity as ONE!  Genre: Reggae: Roots Reggae  Release Date: 2010

RadioIndy Reviews: Choices by Washasha X
POSTED BY: radioindy POSTED ON: 11 Oct 2010 11:59 AM

Let the smooth grooves on the splendid CD, “Choices,” by singer/songwriter/musician Washasha X captivate your heart and soul. Washasha X teams with some talented top artists of the Virgin Islands to comprise an album of rhythmic beats and passionate lyrics. This album is also overflowing with delectable Reggae arrangements and as an added appeal, charismatic Hip-Hop. You will like how they merge Reggae and Hip-Hop into some of these bouncy songs as you can hear on, “Dream (feat.Verse)” and “Over Yonder (feat. Stunner G). The title track, “Choices,” is buzzing with syncopated beats that swarm around the soulful vocals as you listen to the lyrics that speak of positive messages. Strong and powerful, “Civilization March,” is another song with a spirited attitude and percussive beats. The album, “Choices,” offers a terrific and uplifting collection of songs featuring some excellent Reggae and Hip-Hop music.

-Diane and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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